The Dispatcher was the journal of the Railway Historical Society of San Diego, the organization which preceded the Pacific Southwest Railroad Historical Society (San Diego Railroad Museum) and in the last years coexisted with it. It published its first issue in 1955 and went until 1974. Authors of articles in the Dispatcher include such local notables as Richard V. Dodge, Eric Sanders, William Wootton and Dick Pennick.

#1. June, 1955. Railroads of Cuba, by Richard V. Dodge. Editorial comment, local news, miscellany. 4pp, mimeograph.

#2. Sep. 25, 1955. SD&AE Museum Special. Disneyland inauguration. Railfanning steam on the Santa Fe, by Richard V. Dodge. 5pp, mimeographed.

Supplement to #2. Dec. 15, 1955. Local transportation news. 1p, dittoed.

#3. Dec. 15, 1955. Narrow Gauge on the Desert (the U. S. Gypsum RR) by Eric Sanders. Society news, local news, miscellany. 6pp, mimeographed.

#3A. Feb. 13, 1956. Given to passengers on U. S. Gypsum excursion 2/13/1956. Narrow Gauge on the Desert by Eric Sanders from Issue #3 plus a cover sheet.

#4. Feb. 22, 1956. Santa Fe experiments with Aerotrain. Columns by Rex Cuttell, Richard V. Dodge. RDC's on the LA - San Diego line. Local news, society news. Report on the US Gypsum excursion by Eric Sanders. 6pp, mimeographed.

#5. April 12,1956. Let's Talk Shop: report on RHSofSD activities. Local news, miscellany. 4pp, mimeographed.

#6. Jun. 29, 1956. San Diego's "Impossible" Railroad, by Richard V. Dodge. Del Mar exhibit. 6pp.

#7. Sep. 5, 1956. Paper Railroads of the 90's, by Spencer Menzel. An Old Interurban Rejuicenated, by Richard V. Dodge. Local news.. 6pp, mimeographed.

#8. Nov. 3, 1956. Escondido Bound! By R. V. Dodge. Branch Line Fireman, by Phil Middlebrook (Escondido branch). Forgotten Lines of San Diego County, by Clive Foss (Escondido). 9pp, mimeographed.

#9. Jan. 15, 1957. RHSofSD to Have Active Year. Local news. 4pp, mimeographed.

Supplement to #9. Local news. 1p, ditto. Apparently attached to #9.

#9A. Feb. 12, 1957. Flyer for Plaster City excursion. 3pp, mimeographed/ditto.

#10. Apr. 1, 1957. Narrow Gauge Remnant, by R. V. Dodge (Mexico). Imperial's Grand Old Lady, by R. V. Dodge (#2353). Local news, miscellany. 6pp mimeographed with ditto attachments.

#11. July 1,1957. South Bay Interurbans, by Sanders & Dodge. 10pp.

#12. July 28, 1957. Articles related to RHSofSD excursion on the Tijuana & Tecate. Local news. 6pp mimeographed with ditto attachments. Many extra copies of pp 1-2, T&T Guide Sheet.

#13. Oct. 1, 1957. (One version) SDTS Trolley #528 Saved. Reverse: editorial, local news. 2pp. #14. Nov. 10, 1957. PBMRC Joins RHSofSD In an Excursion on Metropolitan Coach Lines Rail Service. Local news, miscellany. 9pp, mimeographed/ditto. #15. Jan. 10, 1958. Miscellaneous news. 10pp, mimeographed.

#16. Mar. 15, 1958. Car Body 54 Saved. Local news, miscellany. 7pp, mimeographed/ditto.

#17. Apr. 10, 1958. The Fallbrook Line, by Richard V. Dodge. 8pp, mimeographed.

#18. May 10, 1958. Billy Had a Plan, for the San Diego and Phoenix, by Spencer Menzel. News articles on Mexican railroads. Miscellany, 11pp, mimeographed.

#19. June 27, 1958. San Diego's Wheels on Steel (early transit in S.D.), by Eric Sanders et al. 8pp.

#20. Oct. 1, 1958. News of SD&AE. Local and California news. 8pp, mimeographed.

#20A. Oct. 12, 1958. Pioneer Mill & Grizzly Flats Excursion. 2pp, mimeographed.

#21. Nov. 1, 1958. Engine Smoke in the Stanislaus (Pickering Lumber Co.), by Dick Pennick. 7pp, mimeographed/ditto.

#22. Dec. 20, 1958. Surveying for the SD&A, by Isabelle Ferguson. Grand Canyon by Steam Cars (Disneyland), by Fritz Schumacher. 7pp, mimeographed.

#23. Mar. 10, 1959. The Eagle Mountain Railroad, by Douglas I. Duncan and Eric Sanders. 6pp.

#24. Mar. 10, 1959. RHSofSD Plans Unique Excursion (Mexicali southward). Local news, miscellany. Bio of Richard V. Dodge. 6pp, mimeographed.

#25. May 17, 1959. Colorado River Express (excursion program for the excursion. 6pp mimeographed w/attachments.

#26. June 26, 1959. Old Railroad Friends (equipment on display at Del Mar Fair). Note: p. 5 is p. 1 of issue #13 but with a different back, marked p. 6. 7pp with ditto attachment.

#27. Sep. 1, 1959. Horse Tails and Bob-Tails of San Diego County, by R. V. Dodge. (Horse cars and subsequent transit.) 12pp, mimeographed.

#28. Oct. 1, 1959. Perris Excursion Set for Nov. 15. Local news. 4pp, mimeographed.

#29. Nov. 15, 1959. Perris and Its Railroad, by R. V. Dodge. 8pp.

#30. Dec. 10, 1959. End of an Era. News of the RHSofSD and local rail news. Articles by Dodge and Pennick. 6pp, mimeographed.

#31. Mar. 20, 1960. S.C.O.P.: FSBC Issue. A Round Trip on the FSBC, by Eric Sanders. History of the FSBC, by R. V. Dodge. Local news. 12pp+ditto attachment.

#31A. May 15, 1960. Last of the Red Cars. Excursion Special. 6pp, mimeographed.

#32. Jun. 24, 1960. Locomotives and Cars of the SD&AE. Local News. 12pp. Bio of Phil Middlebrook.

#33. Oct. 30, 1960. Salt Lake Route, by R. V. Dodge. C&O of the Desert (Calico & Odessa). 12pp.

#34. Nov. 15, 1960. Primal Electric Transit in San Diego, by R. V. Dodge. Local news. 16pp, mimeographed.

#35. Mar. 19, 1961. Last Western Interurban, by Eric Sanders. (Pacific Electric.) 10pp.

#36. Apr. 23, 1961. On Your Way to the Orange Show, by R. V. Dodge. (Excursion to San Bernardino.) San Diego Railway Museum group formed. Last Runs on the Pacific Electric. Local news. 12pp.

#37. Dec. 1, 1961. A Private Car Comes to Town To Stay. Mexico Stories: Stodelles Ride the FSBC and F del P, by Jack Stodelle. Chihuahua al Pacific makes history, by Eric Sanders. Local news. 13pp.

#38. Dec. 31, 1961. SDERy Route No. 1 - Fifth Ave., by Richard V. Dodge. Local news. 10pp.

#39. May 1962. San Diego's Grip Cars, by Richard V. Dodge. 16pp.

#40. Jun. 31, 1962. Old Scenic Line Soon to Ride Ghost Rails. (Southern Pacific branch in New Mexico.) SDERY'S No. 2 Line Has Long History, by Eric Sanders. 8pp.

#41. Sep. 30, 1962. La Jolla Zephyr, by K. Fritz Schumacher. Obituary of Richard V. Dodge. 10pp.

#42. Mar. 3, 1963. Last of the Yellow Cars - Part One, by William Wootton. (Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit.) 14pp.

#43. May 5, 1963. Escondido Bound, by Richard V. Dodge. Branch Line Fireman, by Phil Middlebrook (Escondido branch). Forgotten Lines of San Diego County, by Clive Foss (Escondido). (Reprint of #8 to accompany excursion.) Local news. 10pp.

#44. Sep. 30, 1963. Low Rails in Lower California, Part One, by Richard V. Dodge. (Railroads of Baja.) Final Run of the Islander (Los Angeles Harbor). Local news. 12pp.

#45. Dec. 31, 1963. Last of the Yellow Cars, Part Two: Goodbye Forever, by William Wootton. Local news. 11pp.

#46. May 16, 1964. The Fallbrook Line, by Richard V. Dodge. (Repeat of issue #17 with some new material.) 11pp. #47. Jun. 1964. Ride and Relax: San Diego Electric Railway Company Part One, by Duncan, Sanders, and Wootton. Obituary of Frederick W. Reif. [Pp. 1-8 are multilithed, 9-12 mimeographed pages inserted in middle, also there are pp. 9X-10X, Railroad Museum Pieces in San Diego.]

#48. Dec. 31, 1964. Low Rails in Lower California, Part Two, by R. V. Dodge. Local news. Contains Issue 14 of the PSRMA Report. 14pp.

#49. Oct. 24, 1965. Santa Fe's Surf Line, by Eric Sanders. 12pp. Local news.

#50. Dec. 15, 1966. Low Rails in Lower California, Part Three, by Eric Sanders. The Slim Gauge Du Boleo Railroad. 12pp.

#51. Jul. 1, 1967. San Diego Railfan Guide. 8pp.

#51X. Nov. 11, 1972. "Fiesta Special issue"--excursion special. Mexicali to Have a Second Passenger Train. 1p.

#52. Nov. 2, 1974. Low Rails in Lower California, Part Four, by R. V. Dodge. 12pp.

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