The high-speed TurboTrain will make its West-Coast premier in service over Amtrak's San Diego-to-Los Angeles run beginning July 27th. Representative Lionel Van Deerlin, long an advocate of mass transit proposals, said the three-car train will be an example of what passenger train service can be in the future.

Although the TurboTrain has a top limit of 170 miles an hour, the Santa Fe roadbed between here and Los Angeles will hold the top speed down to 90 miles an hour, the same as present service. Timing on the TurboTrain's schedule will also be hampered by the 172 grade crossings on the 128-mile route. However, the 144-passenger train should improve upon the current schedule since its advanced design will allow greater speeds on curves.

There is no word on how long the new train will remain on the former San Diegan's run. The TurboTrain will begin service as the four p.m. train cut of San Diego, and will offer residents of Southern California an optimistic look into the future for American passenger trains.

Meanwhile, the Rohr Corporation of Chula Vista has reported delivery of cars for the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is right on schedule in spite of a number of minor engineering problems. The first nine prototype cars have been delivered to the San Francisco-centered mass transit district for a demonstration test program.

A Rohr spokesman said his company is convinced the minor problems will not prevent the scheduled delivery of 60 cars to BART by the end of the first quarter of 1972. By then, the spokesman added, Rohr should be turning out a car a day in fulfilling the $66.7 million contract, awarded following approval of Bay Area voters of BART in 1962.

Incidentally, PSRMA members and associates participating in the September 5 excursion will have an opportunity to see first hand current, construction on BART underground, on the surface, and elevated.


Saturday July 24th will be a special day for work parties and should be marked on all calendars.

One final party is needed on the Shay to ready her for the August 7th steamup, Although the June 26th party saw a good turnout and a lot accomplished there are still a few bricks to be replaced in the firebox and a couple of throttle studs to repair. Ten a.m. is the time, Miramar is the place, and Dave Parkinson is the one to contact for further details.

PSRMA's ex-San Diego Electric Railway line truck will also be the object of a work session on July 24th. Much was also accomplished on the truck at the June 26th party in way of preservation and restoration, but more is needed before the line truck can be displayed throughout the County as an example of what PSRMA is doing. The place is Bob DiGiorgio's house (10158 Buena Vista, Santee), the time is also 10 a.m., and Dave Parkinson has the details for this work party as well.

Both of the June work sessions saw a good turnout, and those working on the Shay included Vern Cook, Eric Sanders, Dick & Tori Pennick, Bob DiGiorgio, C. L. Benbow, George Mazzara, Herb Ruiz, B. V. Parks, and Jirn Lyerla, and probably a few more. Unfortunately we don't have a list from the line truck session, but anyone who has an opportunity to see either the Shay or the truck in the near future will know a lot of time and effort has been put into both projects by a dedicated bunch of members. Thanks to you all!

The final dismantling of PSRMA's recently acquired wooden water tank has been undertaken by a volunteer group of the Navy's Seabees. The group was assisted by Dave Parkinson, Dick Pennick, Eric Sanders, and Dave Hobson over the weekend of June 12th, but the tank stand was not completely removed. The Seabees will be back on July 17th and 18th to finish up the job and move the dismantled tank to Bob DiGiorgio's house. Dick Pennick says the Seabees "Can Do!" by themselves, and no membership help will be needed.