We're going to try and improve the attendance for the July quarterly meeting but it is going to take the cooperation of the entire PSRMA membership.

This meeting, to be held July 18th in the La Sala Room of the House of Hospitality in Balboa Park, is especially important as nominations are received for next year's slate of officers.

As an added attraction, coffee and donuts will be served for the hungry ones who are there. Members will have an opportunity to find out just what's happening with PSRMA from all the Association officers and staff, and will also be entertained by a number of outstanding movies from the collection of Bill Wootton. Dick Pennick has also premised a special display of old employees' timetables featuring mostly abandoned and obscure short lines and narrow gauge railroads.

Attendance at these important meetings in the past has been very dismal. Perhaps there are a number of reasons this has been so. If the Sunday night is inconvenient for you, or the location is too far out of the way, or the program is too long, how about showing up for this one meeting and letting your officers know what the problem is. These meetings are that important, and the time, location, or structure of the meeting can be changed to suit the membership.

Don't forget, that's 7 p.m., Sunday July 18th, the La Sala Room of the House of Hospitality, on Laurel Street right in the middle of Balboa Park. There's plenty of free, lighted parking around the large statue of the horseman adjacent to the House of Hospitality. See you there...?


18: GENERAL MEETING, La Sala Room House of Hospitality, 7 p.m.
24: WORK PARTIES, Shay at Miramar and Line Truck at DiGiorgio's, 10 a.m.

3: BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, Trust Room, S.D. Trust & Savings, 7:30.
7: SHAY STEAMUP, Miramar, rides in Coach 576, all day.


With the resignation of Bob DiGiorgio from his unexpired term of Board Member at Large a full slate of PSRMA officers must be nominated at the July 18th General Meeting. Positions open are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, a full two-year term for Board Member at Large, and the remaining one year of DiGiorgio's term. A complete roster of Association members is on page six for reference. Remember, nominations can only be made by Regular members, and all officers must be Regular members.


The scheduled July 17th excursion to Los Angeles and back has been postponed until Fall. The private cars of Jack Stodelle were scheduled to be used, but negotiations between Amtrak and Santa Fe in regards to private movements such as this have not been fully resolved. But the excursion is still very much alive, and we will give you the new date as soon as possible.

Enclosed with this month's issue is the brochure and order form for the September 5th excursion over the San Francisco Municipal Railway.


Also enclosed this month is the brochure for the fund raising of PSRMA's recently acquired 2-8-2 "Liberation Mikado" of the French National Railways. If you have already sent in your contribution, or prefer not to contribute, please pass the brochure onto anyone you feel may be interested in our project. Extra copies are available for distribution, and can be obtained from President "Chop" Kerr (291-4787). We need the help of ALL of our members, financially and physically, if we are going to bring this locomotive to San Diego. Beginning next month a table listing all contributions to this fund will be included in the REPORT.