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Car finished its run for the day by returning on the "K" line, taking the "K" line loop at the end and making a final run to its spot in the Geneva Car Barn with a brief pose with San Franciaco as a backdrop.

The trip was not over yet as PCC car #l006 was ready for our Motorman,Herb Nelson, to take out and see the remainder of the SFMRy system that Car #1 was restricted from covering. Car #1006 went out the "K" line through the Twin Peaks Tunnel and all the way to the East Bay Terminal. Returning from the terminal, the car went down Market Street by the Bay Area Rapid Transit District construction (with side of the road trackage in some spots) until Church Street where the Church Street line was taken until the end at 30th Street. In the process of going outbound on the Church Street line, the crossover just north of Market Street was used to let a regular service car pass us going outbound. This gave us time to have a couple of photo stops at some very picturesque spots. The "J" line is the hilliest line of the five San Francisco streetcar lines. The return run of the "J" line was made to the llth and Market Street short turnback and then the "N" line was taken.

The "N" line branches off of Market and goes through its own "Sunset Tunnel" and on to the beach. This line was saved until the last portion of our trip due to the scheduling of a baseball game along our route. Several pictures were taken at the end of the "N" line and then it was a "speed run" to llth and Market and onto the "K" line to the end returning to the Geneva Car House ending one "whale of a good trip!!!!"

The overall success of the trip, which means we might schedule another next year, must be credited to George Greyer who originally presented the idea for the trip to the board. Obtaining permission for the trip, George made all arrangements with the SFMRy and conducted by the trip. George was aided by the traction committee headed by Tom Matson and publicity by the REPORT Committee headed by Jerry Windle. The pictures and story for this issue of REPORT were provided by Tom Matson.


CALLED ON ACCOUNT OF RAIN: On the night of September 9th Colorado's Rio De Las Animas Perdidas once again proved that it had not been misnamed. After cloudbursts in and around Silverton the ordinarily beautiful mountain stream became like a slice of a tidal wave as it raced down between the Mountains which are its banks for miles. As most railfans know this can mean only disaster for the D&RG narrow gauge which has become one of America's greatest toruist attractions. It was on such a night that the Florence & Cripple Creek drowned, maybe not as deep, but as thoroughly as the Titanic. Though the line shows a profit on its two daily passenger trains during the vacation season, the D&RG may use the washout as an excuse to drop operations as it has been seeking a qualified buyer for some time. An estimated $500,000 in damage was done with some four or five miles of track being swept away near Tacoma. Heavier rail was being laid and much of this washed away or was covered by mud slides. Service was naturally terminated for this season———and maybe forever. The big Labor Day holiday crowd in Duraogo vanished as though it, too, bad been swept away by the waters when word was that the trains wouldn't be running. Unless service is restored, Durango will become like many of the old mines in the area-virtually worthless and ignored.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful, and over at Chama, N.M., the whole future looked brighter. The first train in nearly three years steamed into town with some 5,000 people there to great it. With two cars of ballast ahead to test the track, a locomotive pulling a work car and a box car loaded with two governors and other dignitaries arrived at the ancient depot that may yet see its busiest day. The occaaion was a salute to the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic RR which has taken title to the abandoned line between Antonito and Chama. Great vocal promise was made for the operation which is finally materializing after several years of effort by many. If the Durango-Silverton line is left to the dam builders, the C&TS may be sucessful far beyond its founders' wildest dreams. But who could enjoy the inheritance of a loved one who had to die?

REPRINTED FROM THE "Bulletin Board", Newsletter of the Trinity Valley Railfans Club of Fort Worth, Texas


We didn't forget last month's REPORT. Time just got short so we decided to combine the September-October issue in order to provide good coverage of the first PSRMA trolley excursion which appears in this issue. Hopefully, we will be back on schedule in November with our monthly issue.

Thanks to Gary Johnson for his picture of San Francisco Muni Car #1 which we used in the last two issues of REPORT. Each time we overlooked Gary in the caption so here's our thanks for letting us use the picture.

PSRMA's annual banquet and installation of officers held each January will feature movies and slides of the museums history at the 1971 banquet. Program chairman Kent Anderson is requesting that any members who have slides and movies of past museum activities contact him so they can be included in the program which should be an interesting one.

It has been reported that the SD&AE has begun accpeting bids for the removal of the Coronado Branch of their line. Once the contract is let, the contractor will have 11 days to remove all rail and hardware from the line. The removal will be by roadside so there will be no more trains on the line. Another part of San Diego's history will become a memory along with the ferries.



Now that school has begun and vacations are a memory, the Traction Committee has begun to function on a busy schedule. The most immediate project of the committee is the restoration of PSRMA's line truck from the San Diego Electric Railway. Last fall, a coat of primer paint was applied to protect the wood in the tower portion of the truck but there remains a lot of work to be done before the truck can be used by the museum for display. This included wood priming and painting, engine work, metal restoration and electrical wiring. Any of you have a bug about old cars should really get out and take a look at our antique truck. The next work party is scheduled for Oct. 24th beginning at Bob DiGiorgio's, 10158 Buena Vista Drive, Santee. Interested? Contact Bob at 448-6161 or Tom Matson at 273-8951.


18 - General Meeting, 7:30pm, Safety Room AT&SF Depot

3 - Board Meeting, 7:30 pm, San Diego Trust & Savings
8 - Flea Market, 10 am, May Co. Parking lot, Mission Valley
14 — Puerto Penasco Excursion for Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce

At long last the Santa Fe Yard Office has been completely removed from the yards adjacent to the depot. The job of this removal took twice as long as anticipated. The main reason for the slow removal is the participation of members in our activities. During the entire 4 or 5 weeks scheduled, only three or four persons showed for each work party. This type of attendance has been very disheartening for those who were big for the Jacumba Land proposal. It has forced the board to step back and judge the effects and causes for the poor turnouts at these and other work parties. If and when PSRMA locates a home, the membership will be required to be present to help construct our museum from the ground up. It will be up to you as a member of PSRMA to "become involved" in the building of the biggest, railroad museum in Southern California.