Trolley Coach #1, shown here at the Easy Bay Terminal in San Francisco, will be one of the cars featured on PSRMA's Trolley Tour of San Francisco scheduled for September 6th. Fare for the six-hour tour is $6.50.


Since the first notice of the San Francisco Municipal Railway Excursion on September 6th was printed in last month's REPORT, word has been received confirming that Trolley Car No. 1 has been reserved for our trip.

This means that members and friends of PSRMA making the six - hour excursion over the entire Municipal Railway system will have the opportunity to ride both the conventional type trolley car and the modern PCC type car now in use on the railway system.

Passengers will enjoy going through Sunset and. Twin Peaks Tunnels; riding up and down the city's famed Market Street; visiting the East Bay Terminal, one-time home for interurbans of three separate railroads; and traveling over other interesting street and private right-of-way trackage. In addition, speed runs and photo stops are planned during the tour. A lunch hour is also included.

The excursion will begin at 10 am with inspection and photography of work and passenger equipment at the Geneva Car Barn. At 11 am, the passengers will board the trolley to begin the excursion. Car No. 1 cannot be used in the downtown area so the PCC car will be used there.

Fare for the entire tour is $6.50. With the mailing of this issue of REPORT a general mailing of excursion brochures was also made so if you plan on going please send in your order for tickets soonest to Excursion Chairman George Geyer, 2928 Fir Street, San Diego, CA 92102. Please include a self-addressed stamped, envelope for the return of your tickets.


19 - General Meeting, 7:30pm, AT&SF Depot, San Diego

4 - Board Meeting, 7:30 pm, San Diego Trust & Savings

1 - Board Meeting, 7:30 pm, S&n Diego Trust & Savings
6 - San Francisco Muni Excursion, 10am, $6.50; Ticket orders to George Geyer, 2928 Fir St., San Diego, Calif. 92102


The July 19th General Meeting will be an Important one for PSRMA since this is the yearly meeting when a new slate of officers is nominated for the coming year.

Positions open are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board-Member-At-Large. Mail-in nominations will still be accepted up until the night of the meeting. President Dick Pennick and Treasurer Dave Hobson are in their second term of office and according to the PSRMA by-laws cannot be renominated for their position.

Program for the evening will be presented by John Cranston who will show slides and describe his recent tour of Switzerland railroads on a "Railway Festival" which included all types of motive power; steam, electric and diesel.

The evening will be a busy one and we hope to get underway promptly at 7:30 pm. The meeting will be held in the Safety Room of the Santa Fe Depot in downtown San Diego.


The last section of foreign-owned railroad lines in Mexico - that owned by the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railroad between Tijuana and Tecate - has been sold to the Mexican Government.

The SD&AE announced that freight trains between San Diego and El Centro would still be operated by the company through an agreement with Mexico. All the physical properties, however, including 43 miles of track and three stations were sold to the Mexican. National Railway for a sum believed to be more that $30O.OOO.

The SD&AE, a division of the Southern Pacific, has operated the line since 1908. It was built early in the century, and had passenger and freight service with hourly runs at one time.

A Mexican Federal lease was negotiated in August, 1908, and the Railway began taking passengers between San Diego and Arizona through Mexican territory.

For 15 years, only cargo has moved over the route which now ends in El Centro. Freight goes both ways, connecting in San Diego with the Southern Pacific.

Early this spring, Mexico began negotiating to buy the physical properties covered by the old lease. This was part of a move to federalize all the railroads in the country.

Antonio Padilla Segura, Mexican Secretary of Communications, has indicated that the Mexican National Railway intends to put trains of its own on the track. Earlier this year Padilla said that the Mexican Government wants to connect Tijuana-Tecate runs to the Sonora-Baja California Railway that ends in Mexicali.


PSRMA has officially purchased the Santa Fe Yard Office in the depot yards. The only hitch is that we have to have the office off the property within 30 days. Work parties are being held every weekend until the building has been removed. The building is being dismantled piece by piece and will be stored at Bob DiGiorgio's house in Lakeside until we have a permanent home. Naturally, all help would be appreciated. Contact Dick Pennick for full details...Don't wait until he calls and asks you!!!