Sorry that this issue is almost a month late. Your editor was studying for a final in his class at San Diego State. Also John Hathaway and Karen Lindquist were also doing the same. Due to the above reason there will be no Pacific Southwest Corner this month. John Hathaway has joined the Navy Reserve and is doing his two weeks active duty (boot camp) here in San Diego. Your editor is with the new Naval Air Reserve Training Detachment at NAS North Island the first weekend each month.

Orange Empire Trolley Museum at Perris California is having its annual open house at its museum sight one mile South of Perris on A Street. Inspection of progress, operation of extra trolleys, evening operation, a hot dog supper and evening movies and slides will highlight the annual Members Day/Open House. PSRMA is a member of OET. Those desiring to go for dinner (Hot Dog Suppers) should mail $1.25 for adults and $.90 for children under 10 to the museum at P.O. Box 548, Perris, California 92370. No tickets will be mailed, check your name on the list that day.

Speaking about OETM above, PSRMA is again looking into the possibilities of running our E. J. Lavino Co. #10 0-6-OT coal burner at the museum. Hugh Smith, President of OETM joined PSRMA at PSRMA'a banquet on Jan 18. Welcome aboard Hugh and may our two groups continue on together well.

PSRMA has amended its information brochure of Nov 68 by mentioning the new equipment that it has obtained since then. For a copy or copies of same-write the Museum, Chop Kerr, or Tom Matson.

Eric Sanders, PSRMA Chairman of the Board will be republishing our current bylaws. If your a new member and have not obtained a copy or an old member that has lost your copy drop Eric a line at 7861 Normal Avenue, La Mesa, CA 92041.

Are you interested in the old issues of the REPORT? Editor Tom Matson has all the old extra copies which he would like to sell to people interested at l0˘ a copy for those issues available. Drop Tom a line at 4282 Taos Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 if your interested.

The January 18, 1970 PSRMA Installation Dinner at Sir George's Smorgasbord, El Cajon was a big success with many members and guests attending. The new and continuing officers were introduced by Kent Anderson, master of ceremonies. The new officers are as follows: President, Dick Pennick; Chairman of the Board, Eric Sanders; Vice President, Dave Parkinson; Secretary, Karen Lindquist; Treasurer, Dave Hobson's continuing board member Bob DiGiorgio; new board member Chop Kerr; and advisory board member to be determined at the first 1970 meeting of the advisory board. All present enjoyed 16mm movies of trains mostly in the Southern California area and mostly steam by George Oliver and Phil Middlebrook. Thanks again gentlemen for a wonderful program. Also thanks to Kent Anderson for a wonderful program who gave a door prize to almost every family present.

PSRMA as of December 31, 1969 has been donated a Russell snowplow, 1890 vintage from Calumet, Michigan. It can be stored there for at least six months. Dick Pennick said it would cost at least $1500 to transport it to San Diego. The plow is or was owned by the Calumet and Heckla Corporation. We are grateful for the donation and hope that it can be moved to San Diego later this year when sufficient funds are received. If your interested in supporting this project please mark your donations for "Russell Snowplow".

Maisie Dollman donated to PSRMA an old railroad telegraphers key used on the Southern Pacific Railroad. Thank you Maise we shall enjoy displaying it when we have our own permanent displays at our to-be-obtained museum sight.

PSRMA has been in the limelight recently in its desire to obtain land. Jerry Windle has been instrumental in the Union and Tribune publishing articles about the museum's desire to obtain land as soon as it possibly can. Jerry is Public Relations director of the museum and a photographer for the San Diego Union/Tribune. Jerry is assistant editor or the REPORT and all the nice pictures in the REPORT have been to his credit for the most part. Jerry must have all our photos put in half—tones for publishing prior to the publishing which is done at Instant Print. Jerry at the Feb 3 Advisory Board meeting was elected to be the Advisory Board representative to PSRMA's board for 1970. Congratulations Jerry and thanks for your good P.R. Bob DiGiorgio has been instrumental in PSRMA's cause for land being presented on Jack White's program at 5 P.M. on Saturday's on Channel 10. Bob is our General Superintendent in charge of operation and maintenance. Bob in civilian life works as head of maintenance for Code-a-Phone and as Pastor of the deaf at First Baptist Church, San Diego.

The museum's telephone now has a voice at the end of the line. The museum's telephone is 233-0379 and it is in the phone book. The answer at the end of the line is from Bob DiGiorgio. Its on a Code-A-Phone which has been provided by the courtesy of the Donovan Hershey Corp. via Bob DiGiorgio.