C a m p a i g n    I s s u e

We invited, the candidates for the two contested offices to express their views. Here are their statements.....

TOM MATSON, for Board Member

Tom Matson has been a member of PSRMA almost since its inception in 1962. Tom is an active traction and train enthusiast with many slides, pictures and movies. He has been active with the Railway Historical Society of San Diego as 1958 secretary and 1962 Vice-President. Currently Tom is PSRMA Secretary, REPORT Editor and Traction Committee Chairman. Tom would like to continue on the board in this new position and help PSRMA obtain more funds, improve REPORT, foster more membership participation such as monthly meetings and attempt to improve inter-railfan group relations.

H. C. "CHOP" KERR, JR. for Board Member

When elected as Board-Member-At-Large, I will serve PSRMA in a variety of ways. This position offers the incumbent the opportunity to attack projects and problems not normally tended to by the regular officer corps. My primary interests now are: Fund Raising, Public Relations, site acquisition and development, obtaining more varied equipment and engine crew duties.

WALTER BARBER, JR. for Board Member

I have been nominated as a candidate for re-election as a Director of PSRMA. If I am re-elected, I will accept and continue to do my utmost to serve this organization as I have in the past two years.

I feel that I am in a position to be an asset to the organization through my business as a railroad contractor, having dealings with various Railroad companies in the Southwest.

I have not aspired to any higher office in the organization being content to serve quietly on the board and I would feel it an honor to be re-elected to continue in this capacity.

Now that the candidates have had their say, it's time for YOU, if you're a regular member of PSRMA, to have your say! Your Ballot and voting instructions are in the back of this issue. Use it wisely!

DAVE PARKINS0N, for Vice President

For some PSRMA members this is your first introduction to me. As I will explain, I do not consider it presumptuous that a relative newcomer such as myself should run for museum Vice-President. Because I believe I can make an immediate and positive contribution to the museum's future and because I have the necessary enthusiasm, I have sought the Vice-President's office. In many respects my lack of previous involvement with past decisions and policies is an advantage. On a board of directors composed of members of longer tenure, I would hope to bring fresh insight and an unbiased opinion to the problems of the museum. As an indication of my enthusiasm since becoming a member earlier this year I point to 100% attendance at all board of directors and general membership meetings, participation in 2-of-3 pre-steamup work parties plus the steamup itself, and acting as Sunday display host. I am currently actively involved in the Puerto Penaseo excursion planning committee. But, besides my general enthusiasm I would channel my energies as Vice-President toward accomplishment of specific goals which I believe important to the museum's future. These goals are as follows:

1) Acquisition of land for an operating site

2) Continued emphasis on Ways and Means to improve the Museum's financial posture and permit the acquisition, restoration and operation of equipment.

3) Establishment of a young adults section within the museum to further our educational role and enhance prospects for continued museum growth.

If these goals are meaningful to you as a member and you feel they warrant concerted action, I would appreciate your vote for Vice-President

TERRY DURKIN, for Vice President

Terry Durkin is one of the fourteen original charter members of PSRMA. He has served as a Director, Secretary, Vice-President, President and Chairman of the Board for the Museum since its beginnings. Terry is responsible for the acquisition of all the steam locomotives presently owned by the museum. He has been very active each year that the museum has existed.

In his present bid for the Vice-Presidency, he hopes to coordinate better operations of the steam locomotives and stream-line communications between the various departments in the museum. In the PSRMA, the Vice-President is the General Manager. Terry feels that this is a job that needs an active and interested member on the job year round. Terry feels that new blood is needed in the museum, however, a job of this importance should be put into the hands of an experienced member if one is available - he is available!!!!