The Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Inc., is a Calif, non-profit educational corporation with State and Federal Income tax exemption. All donations of funds and materials are tax exempt, and greatly appreciated. The Museum owns four steam locomotives. Located in San Diego at Crosby St. at Harbor Dr. are ex-Feather River Ry. #3, a. 1923 3-truck Shay, and ex-Coos Bay Lumber Co. #11, a 1929 Alco Minarets-type 2-8-2T. Located in Perris, Calif, at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum are ex-E.J. Lavino & Co. #10, a 1923 Alco 0-6-0T and ex-Mojave Northern #3, a 1923 Davenport 0-6-0T. The Shay and the #10 are in operating condition, the 0-6-0T #3 and the #11 are not, but are repairable. Other equipment includes a 1932 Fairmount 12 passenger railbus, a 1926 White trolley line maintenance truck, both in process of restoration, and ex-Union Pacific passenger coach #576, a modernized heavyweight in operating condition. The railbus, line truck and various smaller equipment is stored on the property of various members.


Richard E. Pennick, President
Eric Sanders, Chairman of the Board
Jerry Windle, Vice President
Thomas W. Matson, Secretary
David Hobson, Treasurer
Robert R. DiGiorgio
Walter M. Barber, Jr.
John Hathaway


General Manager Jerry Windle, 282-6770
Operations and Maintenance Bob DiGiorgio, 448-6161
Public Relations Jerry Windle, 282-6770
Records and Personnel John Hathaway, 298-6205
Special Events Kent Anderson, 463-1651
Land Committee Dick Pennick, 463-2276
Traction Committee Tom Matson, 273-8951
Ways and Means Committee Jerry Windle, 282-6770


1- BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING, 8:00 P.M., San Diego Trust & Savings Bldg., San Diego. All are welcome.

5- SHAY STEAMUP for members & friends. 11 until dark.

6- SHAY STEAMUP for members & friends. 11 until dark. 6- LOCOS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Dale Guidry is Host. 8- REPORT COMMITTEE MEETING. Matson's at 7:30 P. M.

11- TRACTION COMMITTEE MEETING, 7:30 P. M. at Tom Matson's, 4282 Taos Dr., Clairemont. All are welcome.

12- CAR 576 DELIVERY EXCURSION. See brochure for details or phone Eric Sanders, 469-1288.

13- LOCOS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Jerry Windle is Host.

19- TRACTION WORK PARTY on S.D.E. Ry. Car 508, 9:30 A. M. at O.E.T.M. Phone George Geyer. 234-0555

20- LOCOS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Donald Rice is Host. 27- LOCOS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Ted Grove is Host.

Did you miss the last Issue of REPORT? It was Issue 56, for both April and May. Mrs. Kent reported that due to Chick's untimely death, some members or organizations might have been missed. If you didn't get yours, write to Editor Tom Matson at his home. Only 45 copies are left.


Plans were to have a big 3-day public steamup of the Shay over the Fourth of July weekend, and so it's been busy, busy getting the Shay tuned up to run and the #11 cleaned up for display. Unfortunately, though, negotiations with the Santa Fe to use their parking lot didn't go through soon enough, and so the public steamup was cancelled. Hopefully, we'll get things ironed out for a Labor Day public operation. In the meantime, we're settling for a members-only operation on the 5th and 6th.

Work parties were held on June 7, 14 and 22, and were well attended. Work accomplished included replacing the broken staybolt in the Shay's boiler, cleaning out its oil and water tanks, repairing the leaky turret valves, adding some more locks and tamper proofing, and a lot of beautiful cleanup and painting on both lokies.

The hard workers included Bill Adam, Jack Barich, Charles Benbow, Bob DiGiorgio, Terry Durkin, Dale Guidry, John Hathaway, Dave Hobson, Chalmers Kerr, Karen Lindquist, Dave Parkinson, Dick Pennick, Eric Sanders and Jerry Windle. We hope we didn't overlook any, but there were so many it was hard to keep track of all. Thanks to every one. (R. R. D.)


The San Diego & Arizona Eastern's freight depot at San Ysidro will soon be demolished, according to Traffic Manager K. D. Frye. The railroad's office there has already been moved into a metal warehouse. When asked about the possibility of acquiring the depot for the Museum, Mr. Frye indicated that it was in too poor a condition to be moved, "that only the termites are holding the walls together." (RRD)


By Pennick and Matson, from the Bylaws.

This announcement is the official request for nominations for the 1970 Executive Officers of the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, Inc. The following positions are open for nominations:


Vice President



One Member at Large (to replace Barber)

All nominations must be received by July 20, 1969. They may be mailed in to be received before that date, or may be made in person at the July 20th General Meeting. Nominations will be closed at that meeting. Nominations by mail should be sent to the Secretary, Thomas W. Matson. 4282 Taos Drive, San Diego, Calif. 92117.

On August 1st a special issue of REPORT will list the nominees for each office, and a request for absentee ballots made for all those who will not be able to attend the Oct. 19 meeting. All absentee ballots must be received by August 31.

At the October 19th General Meeting, the absentee ballots and those of the members present will be counted by a special 3-man election committee. This committee will also be elected at the same meeting.