Preparing our 2-8-2T for the needed firebox repairs required removal of the firebrick. The more firebrick we removed, the worse it looked. Numerous welds indicated that the firebox had developed frequent leaks, and was constantly being repaired. Not all the repairs were strictly up to code. The last straw was heavy rusting at the bottom of the firebox, where moisture had apparently accumulated during outside storage, unused, during several Oregon winters. Although it could still be patched up, minimum repairs would probably cost a couple of thousand dollars and still leave us with a troublesome, leaky teakettle, so all repairs were suspended until some time in the future when we can do it right. An estimate of $10,000 was given for a new firebox, which is what's needed. In addition, there is a large amount of wear evident in the mechanical parts, a few weak flues, and a cracked cylinder head, so a major tear down and examination will be necessary to make sure the mechanical parts can be properly restored before making such a large investment in the boiler. In the meantime, the loco will be cleaned up and restored to good appearance for static display, and lubed well to prevent further deterioration. (R. R. D.)


By Tom Matson, Chairman. Traction Committee

A TRACTION COMMITTEE MEETING is planned for Friday, July 11, 7:30 P.M. at Tom Matson's home. Topics of discussion will be the coming work parties on the S.D.E. Ry. line truck and Car 508, acquisition plans and a progress report on obtaining a streetcar(s) for the Museum, and ways and means of stimulating traction interest in P.S.R.M.A. Entertainment will follow the meeting with various people showing their favorite slides and movies of traction. All interested persons are invited to attend. Tom's house is located at 4282 Taos Drive, San Diego (Clairemont). Taos Drive is parallel to Moraga St. and is located between Balboa and Clairemont Mesa Drive. Phone Tom at 273-8951 for further information.

There will be a CAR 508 WORK PARTY on the ex-S.D.E. Ry. PCC car on Saturday, July 19. That will start at 9:30 A. M. at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum in Perris. The main job will be repainting the car to the original S.D.E. Ry. colors. (Car 508 is owned by O.E.T.M., but in the absence of a trolley in P.S.R.M.A. 's roster, we're helping with labor to get 508 back in shape. After all, she is San Diego traction, and working on her keeps us in practice for when we get a trolley of our own.)


S.D.E. Ry. CAR 508 as it appeared in 1960 at O.E.T.M. The paint has deteriorated considerably since then. Shown boarding the car is John Matson, cousin of Photographer Tom.


By Tom Matson

Eric Sanders and Kent Anderson are planning a CAR 576 DELIVERY EXCURSION when we finally take possession of the ex-Union Pacific coach. We hope to ride the regular San Diegan up to Los Angeles, then ride back aboard our new car attached to the afternoon train. Tentative date is July 12th. A separate announcement will be enclosed with this REPORT or will be along soon after. Watch for it!

Eric is working on a repeat of last year's highly successful PUERTO PENASCO EXCURSION, probably in October.

Kent has hopes for an excursion on Union Pacific from EAST LOS ANGELES TO CALICO, with a bus connection from San Diego. Look for this one in April of 1970.

The third GENERAL MEETING of the year will be held in the Safety Room on the second floor of the Santa Fe Depot in San Diego. On the agenda in the final nominations for the 1970 PSRMA officers. Nominations may be made at the meeting, or by mail, but nominations by mail must be received in time to be read at this meeting. This is an important opportunity for every PSRMA member to participate in the running of this organization. There will also be reports on the Museum's activities over the past three months, and future plans. Finally, Tom Matson will show some of his slides and movies of European trams and railways. Tom spent over seven months in Europe during 1966 and 1967 (Join the Navy and see the world) and took as many pictures as he could of the railways, trams and tourist points of interest.


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