N E W S    O F    T H E    P A C I F I C    S O U T H W E S T    C O R N E R

EL PASO CITY LINES: Street cars on the El Paso - Juarez loop were scheduled to begin operation on October 27. They had been out of service for quite sometime due to the construction of a new channel for the Rio Grande in the land exchange between the U.S. and Mexico.

SOUTHERN PACIFIC: Application for abandonment of the Lark has once more been made to California Public Utilities Commission. The request was denied 19 months ago. Now that the mail contracts have been cancelled—who knows?....Application has also been made to the ICC for removal of trains 3 and 4, the Golden State, between Tucumcari, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. (The Rock Island has also requested to discontinue the Golden State between Chicago and Tucumcari).......Fifteen double-decker gallery cars have been ordered for the San Francisco commuter service. About 12,000 commuters ride daily in 44 trains on the 47-mile run to San Jose. (Trainman News)....

MORE CHIEFS, LESS INDIANS: It was interesting to note from information released by the Bureau of Accounts, Interstate Commerce Commission, for the month of August, 1967, that the number of executives, officials and staff assistants on Class 1 railroads have incresed by 2.45 percent over August, 1966, whereas the total of transportation (train and engine service) employees decreased by 3.67 percent. From these figures it makes one wonder if the day might come when the railroads will have all Chiefs and no Indians. .(Railroad Labor News.)

SAN DIEGO AND ARIZONA EASTERN: G. E. 70-tonners 5101 and 5119 were replaced during October by two E.M.D. SW-8 units numbered 1111 and 1115. Both E.M.D. units are 800 horsepower, weigh 212,000 pounds and are equipped with dynamic brakes and MU controls. One 70-tonner remains on the SD&AE. It is the 5106. The large brush fire near Tecate, in Baja California, caused some concern on the road as it consumed quite a few telegraph poles and a lot of ties. A new spur is in service serving Columbia Paper Company at National City. It is located on the former National City Airport property........with the end of daylight savings time and its earlier darkness most switching on Commercial street is being done after dark, with the cars lighted up with fusees......

YES, WE KNOW, IT'S THE SAME OLD STORY. But it is true. We are in desperate need of money if our museum is to go on operating. We are bringing you the thing that most of us have long waited for....an operating museum. It is up to you, so lets get with it. Remember it is tax deductable.

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