Enclosed with this issue of the "Report" you will find a brochure which covers our latest acquisition. Feather River Railway Shay #3. This brochure is designed to elicit pledges from the general public to support the museum and its projects. The pledge is designed so that anyone can afford to sign. It costs only $1.00 to begin and $3.00 every two months for a six month period. Anyone can afford the $1.00 and it should be no strain to save $3.00 in a two month period. The poorest person can afford this sort of pledge.

Every member is expected to sign the enclosed pledge. You can consider this an assessment if you wish, however, I consider it as a vote of support for the museum as a whole. The members must support their own museum before they can expect the General public to support our cause. The museum is nothing but a name on a piece of paper without the support of its membership. If we are to be successful we must have your support.

The museum owns three operating steam locomotives. They are just waiting at Perris to be operated, of course you must do a little work to make a steam locomotive operate. We have gotten good response to our published work party dates at Perris, however, nobody except one or two do anything in between. To date our work parties have been used up in moving the locomotives onto the property. We need someone to work on the locomotives in between times. We have a new roadmaster, Mr. Charles Holcomb, who works on the locomotives everyday of the week and is always working on the weekends. He will be able to use your help in painting, ect.

I'll expect to see your signed pledge in the mail. I hope that you will become one of our operating engineers, firemen, and maintainers.

Terry E. Durkin


Most of us are familiar with the Santa Fe observation car 1509 which is often used on Southern California railfan trips. It is one of the last of its kind. Ever wonder what happened to other cars in this class?

A little over one year ago the Texas Transportation Museum, Inc., of San Antonio was donated cars 1510 and 1611 by the Santa Fe. Using parts from the 1510 the group has completely renovated the 1511, except for painting.

The cars were slated in 1954 for conversion to work cars. But as their interior arrangement was not well suited to this use the cars were stored at Tempie, Texas on a siding and apparently forgotten. Over the years the cars became targets for vandals, who broke windows, and gradually stripped the cars. In 1965, the cars were donated to TTM. When the cars arrived in San Antonio, the almost hopeless task of rebuilding one of them was begun. Many parts were obtained from other cars scheduled for scrapping. After years of being exposed to the weather, many of the window sashes had to be built from scratch. The group has obtained furnishings and other items needed to restore the cars, as well as rebuilding them mechanically with the help of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad. The car 1511 is now all set to roll in most any consist.

Looks as though the 1509 isn't the only one of its kind after all. Congratulations fellows of the Texas Transportation Museum.


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