Glossary - 3

FLAG An assumed name used by boomers to leave a bad record behind
FLYING LIGHT To pull a train of empties. Also to go on duty without eating
FOG Steam
FROG A device used in switches and crossings to allow wheels to cross other rails. Also a device for rerailing cars
GANDY DANCER Track laborer
GATE Switch
GLORY String of empties
GOAT Switch engine
GUN See torpedo
GUT Air hose
HACK Caboose
HEEL Car at end of the track with the brakes set. Sometimes it is used as a bumping block to catch other cars coming into the track
HERALD Company symbol
HIGHBALL Clear track. Signal meaning OK to go
HIGHBALL THE GATE Not stopping to return switch to normal position
HIGH DADDY Flying Switch
HIGH IRON Main line or high speed track
HIGH TAIL To go at high speed
HOG Locomotive
HOGGER Locomotive engineer or driver
HOGHEAD See hogger
HOLE Passing track on a single track line
HOME GUARD An employee that stays with one company
HOPPER A car with the bottom hinged for dumping. Used to haul coal, rock ballest, ect.
HORSE OVER Throw the Johnson Bar into reverse
HOT BOX Over heated journal on a car or engine
HOTSHOT Fast train, extra fast employee, or a person that is or thinks he is a little better than others