ATTENTION: Memebers!!!!!

As you know, the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association has acquired two steam engines. The group has an option on a third, a Heisler, and a chance to obtain a fourth. Money is urgently needed to finance the transportation costs involved in shipping these engines to the storage site at the Orange Empire Trolley Museum.

A campaign is now underway to alert as many people as possible about our acquisitions, and it is hoped that contributions from interested people will help defray the enormous costs facing the organization—costs which may exceed $5,000 before we are through. Also, business firms in the San Diego area will be contacted and support solicited from them. Every possible method of raising the necessaay funds will be explored and followed up.

In the long run, however, the support of the members is the deciding factor. We now have a goal in mind: the acquisition of the locomotives. Now we must work as hard as we can to reach that goal. They may be ours now or will be soon, but we have to get them here! Upon the success of the engine acquisition projects depends much of the future of the PSRMA museum effort.

The purpose of this sheet is to determine, as much as possible, the support which the organization can expect from its members in the forseeable future. Please fill out the questionnaire and send it back to the address below, whether or not you can provide either money or labor for the effort to come, Remember, if you can't spare much in the way of cash, you can still help in other ways. The information which you supply will be kept confidential and will be in no way binding should your position change in the near future. All we want is an idea of what we can expect. Don't disappoint us!

Fill out and mail as soon as possible——Clip and mail to fund drive chairman, William Wootton, 1828 Gateway Drive, San Diego 92105 (phone 264-7876).

NAME ___________________________ Address ____________ ZIP_______ PHONE___________

I will pledge the donation of ____ over the next ___ months.

I am willing to loan the organization ___ for (period of time)

_______. Comments: ___________________________________

I can participate in work parties at the Orange Empire Trolley museum to work on PSRMA equipment (check one) __ yes __no. If yes, indicate approximately how often:


Can you provide rides for others on a share cost basis yes; no.

Will you need a ride __ yes; _____no?

If you have any thoughts on ways to raise money or stimulate interest in our project, contact the fund drive chairman or Stan Kerr. Thank you.