CORNER To sideswipe a car which fouls an adjacent track
CORNFIELD MEET Headon collison
CRUMMY Caboose
CUT A short string of cars
DEADHEAD Passenger riding free, or empty car that is being moved, also a crew being moved from one point to another to perform service after arrival
DECORATE To ride the tops of freight trains
DETAINER Dispatcher
DIAMOND Crossing
DIE GAME Stall on a hill
DHQ Train consisting of deadhead passenger equipment
DOLLY Switch stand
DOPE Orders, instructions, or company business
DOUBLE THE HILL To pull an over tonnage train as far as possible, then pulling part of it up the hill and returning for the rest
DOUBLEHEAD To pull a train with two locomotives DRAG Heavy, slow, freight train
DROP To uncouple a car or cars while in motion, running away from them and throwing switch between cars and engine to place cars into an adjacent track when switch faces the wrong way to shove the cars in
DRONE CAGE Private car
DUTCH DROP A switching manuver in which the cars are dropped; only cutting the cars off in motion and running ahead of them to a switch where the engine must be reversed to get into another track, letting the cars roll by
ENGINE A unit propelled by any form of energy, or a combination of such units operated from a single control, used in train or yard service
EXTRA TRAIN A train not authorized by time table schedule
EAGLE EYE Locomotive engineer
EYE Signal
FLIMSY Train order
FLYING DUTCHMAN See dutch drop