N E W S    O F    T H E    P A C I F I C    S O U T H W E S T    C O R N E R


The ICC ordered SP to continue daily passenger service between Tucumcari and Phoenix as of January 28. Trains 39 and 40 will contine under this order. The train provides mixed piggyback and day-coach service between LA and Tucumcari...(Railroad Labor News).

New equipment for 1966 includes 172 more diesel units, 3952 freight cars, and 1617 pieces of highway equipment. Total cost is over $125 million... (SP Bulletin).

SP, Western Pacific, Sacramento Northern and Central California Traction have reached an agreement to remove CCT and SN tracks from several important Sacramento streets. ICC approval is still pending on this project...(SP Bulletin)

SP subsidiary, St. Louis Southwestern Ry., has applied to the ICC for authority to purchase the assets of the Alton and Southern R.R. The L&S is a switching and terminal road serving 18 railroads in East St. Louis, Illinios....(SP Bulletin)


The Missouri Pacific has purchased more than 2 million shares of Santa Fe preferred stock. The value of the stock was more than $22 million dollars. The M.P. believes that any realignment of western railroads will include merger with the Santa Fe. M.P. is now the largest holder of Santa Fe stock....(SD Union)

Yard engines in San Diego recently were all Alcos. They were Nos. 2339, 2387, 2394. Some yard engines and also some freight units are equipped with revolving amber lights on top their cabs. Your editor is not sure of the purpose of these lights. His speculation is that they are used to allow yard masters to locate their engines faster at night.


Engine 4605 has been used on the 6:30am yard job several times recently. This locomotive is an EMD, SW-8 equipped with dynamic brakes. It also is equipped with a whistle like those used on the PE interurban cars. The standard whistle is used around San Diego, however.

Although business in February took its usual slump, March came in with a roar. Three units on the El Cajon line has not been unusual so far this month. The celery harvest in the Chula Vista area is almost finished for the season. The 7pm roustabout will be taken off about the middle of this month. It is rumored that engines 5108 and 5115 are soon to be scrapped......


Movies featuring steam locomotive 75 of thr Great Western Ry. and one Mexican steam locomotive were most recently on the Eagle Mountain. The GW engine was under steam and the other was used dead. No. 75 is slated for use at Salt Lake on the Salt Lake Garfield and Western Ry in weekend excursion service. The excursions are to begin with the Memorial Day weekend......(V. Kocnigsberg).