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December 9, 1965 - Report supplementary news page

-----THAT "30" AT THE FOOT OF PAGE 21-4 doesn't mean much does it! However, following previous practice Report adds this supplementary news page.

PLEDGES TO THE STEAM LOCOMOTIVE FUND on December 8, according to Terry Durkin, amounted to $2600 - and perhaps even $3000. How's that? If PSRMA's locomotive bid is not accepted at least PSRMA members will know the potential of the organization and in the future will set appropriate goals. Incidently, Report failed to note that Excursion Director Wally Duthie also assisted with the project. He provided names and addresses of appropriate Mexican railroad officials and he also assisted with translations. You, too, may assist. Call Terry Durkin at 298-0407 and give him your pledge. A pledge this time is a promise to loan to the Museum the amount of the pledge. Repayment is planned but the return of the funds will be slow and there'll be no interest paid. But, there'll be an operating steam locomotive in San Diego.

PSRMA EXCURSION DIRECTOR WALLY DUTHIE ANNOUNCES THREE EXCURSIONS! They are: 1. "New Year In Mexico" tour to Guaymas, December 30, 1965 - January 2, 1966. Leave San Diego 1:30 p.m. on December 30, return early morning January 2. Train to Hermosillo, bus tour through Hermosillo and then a bus trip via the new coastal highway to Guaymas. Adult fare: $85. 2. "Mexican Adventure Tour," Easter Vacation Week to Alamos, Chihuahua City, El Fuerte, San Blaz and Maz atlan. Adult fare: $225. 3. 1966 Puerto Penasco excursion on May 29, 1966.

SAN DIEGO & ARIZONA EASTERN RAILWAY CO. will give ties and moral support to RHSofSD for the repair of the track under the "Carriso Gorge," Society members and Fair Grounds personnel will do the work.

THREE NEWS ITEMS. "We also hope to have a steam train running along the Strand like in the old days and some other events which will be announced later." This quote is from the San Diego Union story about Coronado's 75th Anniversary, Douglas Duncan forwarded this item. No comments from him - and none from Report.....Sonora-Baja California Railroad pushes Mexico to U.S.A. freight across the border northbound; Southern Pacific handles the southbound interchange. No more Inter-Cal. That one is from Jack Stodelle... .The big Santa Fe locomotive rolled into the depot in the bright sunshine and came to a gentle stop. Aboard the train as it arrived in San Diego were three men in the uniform of the U.S. Army. They were escorts for the bodies of three other men who gave their lives in combat in far away Viet Nam. The three long board boxes in the baggage car were painted Navy gray. Viet Nam! "That is on the other side of the world, but the Santa Fe train that arrived so peacefully at 12:35 p.m. yesterday brought the war in Viet Nam, the very worst part of it, to San Diego."
(Joe Stone in the San Diego Union)

"ON SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, NO. '78 was delayed leaving Los Angeles because of the RHSofSD excursion scheduled to run from San Diego to Perris on the following day! No. 75 had trouble with one of its two units, so they put No. 75 into a track at UD with a release track so No. 75's engine could be cut off and sent to the house. While at the round house, they coupled the 339 (3 units) into the two units from No. 75 which made five units in all. They returned to UD and went down the release track only to find that there was not enough room to couple on to No, 78's train. So the five units had to back out and go down another track to the bumper, then a switch engine had to put No. 78's train into the track where its power was waiting. The reason for the extra three units was that the 339 was to be the power for the RHSofSD special the next morning at San Diego. After finally getting out of UD, No. 78 had to stop at the Eighth Street Coach Yard to pick up the eight cars for the special. So No. 78, with 14 cars, arrived in San Diego 40 minutes late." (California Southern Express, Dec. l965)

IT APPEARED TO BE HIGH WATER AGAIN along SD&AE tracks which parallel Fletcher Parkway. On December 9 water in the drainage ditch was bank to bank. It threatened a building or two at a beer wholesaler's plant. It isn't that SD&AE's track had been damaged extensively in the previous raind. It's just that it takes time and personnel to reopen the track. Anyway, driving to work that morning - this morning - was sort of exciting.

Now it's "30" for this editor for the supplementary news sheet!