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SCOP 1137 AND 1344, BOTH EX-N DE M 2-8-0'S, are now stored on Sonora-Baja California trackage at Benjamin Hill, for work train service on the S-BC for line improvements. SCOP (Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Obras Publicas) is the Mexican Government's railroad-building agency, and in the last few years has finished building both the S-BC and the Sureste. (California Southern Express, May 1965)

AN ENABLING ACT PROVIDING FOR THE FORMATION of a San Diego Transit District was signed July 19 by Governor Pat Brown. The bill provides for the purchase of the privately-owned San Diego Transit System by a public agency and for the planning of a rapid transit program for the area. On the grounds that the bill had many weaknesses and in some instances because of a desire to allow each incorporated city a separate vote, opposition came from the city councils of San Diego, EL Cajon, La Mesa, Imperial Beach, Coronado and the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors. Chula Vista and National City Councils, the AFL-CIO Bus Drivers Union, and the San Diego Downtown Association as well as the San Diego Transit System favored passage. An election is probable. At least two of the three regions (San Diego city, southern, eastern) must vote for the project if a district is to be created.

PSRMA CALENDAR. August 15 - PSRMA meeting; August 28-September 10 - PSRMA excursion contract trip by rail, bus and the S.S. Lurline to Northern California and Redwood Empire rail and tourist attractions; September 19 - PSRMA meeting; September 26 - PSRMA San Diego Harbor to Mission Bay Star & Crescent boat excursion; Early October - PSRMA's movie show at the North Park theater; October 24 - RHSofSD Santa Fe excursion to O.E.T. and Perris; November 6 - RHSsofSD excursion to be announced; March 1965 - PSRMA excursion via Santa Fe to the National Orange Show at San Bernardino. Every Thursday - PSRMA work night at Lee Adams home in La Mesa.

FOR THE RECORD - THE HISTORY BOOKS. On August 1 the San Diego Transit System will make 96 fewer trips a day, weekdays. Total trips eliminated will be 598. Routes affected are 1,2,3, 4,5,6,11,E,H,R, and V. SDTS currently operates 1250 trips per day on 23 routes. Cuts on some lines start at 6:57 p.m. Other line cuts are in the early morning hours. Route O, the hardest hit, goes from 113 daily in April 1964 to 63 on August 1; Route R 112 to 83.

WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS Bill McCray, Kent Anderson, Larry Occhiello, George Allen, Ted Grove, and _______ Hall. There are also some new associate members whose names were not available at press time. A new roster will be issued to all members in September. If any member has a correction on an address or name or telephone number please contact the PSRMA office or officer. PSRMA Office telephone number is 233-0379; Secretary George Geyer's telephone number is 234-0555; Report's telephone is 469-1288.

ABOUT REPORT. Effective with the next issue - we've said this before - local news will be supplied in a more organized manner by Kent Anderson. Charles Kent and Terry Durkin. This issue, dated August 2, is being produced July 24. The Report editor leaves August 2 for a trip to Colorado - and, well, Report deadline is an early one. Secretary George Geyer, who mails Report, is also leaving town for a vacation trip.

AS SPACE PERMITS - NEWS ITEMS. A special San Diego Tourist and Convention Bureau Santa Fe train ran in early July to Del Mar for a special meeting.....Attendance at 528, sponsored by PSRMA at the Del Mar Fair, was poor at times - but surprisingly good usually. Walter Hayward reported that he was well pleased with PSRMA's activity at the Fair. Over at 104 and 050 RHSofSD hosts reported heavy traffic through the exhibit. Donations, sale of post cards, and Dispatcher sales were higher than usual. There's no doubt about it - the public appreciates the Del Mar RHSofSD exhibits.....White Mountain Scenic Railroad (Apache Ry. at McNary, Arizona), has Santa Maria Valley RR No. 100 and is taking delivery of Sierra Railroad 36 and 38 - and probably 34.....The Puget Sound Railway Historical Society has 14 steam loco-motives. Rayonier #8, 2-6-6-2T, is the latest.....Pickering Shay No.11 has been purchased by Tom Irion of Sacramento. No. 7 will go to Sonoma City; #14 to Camino, Cable & Northern. Others are available??....O.E.T. now has Sacramento Northern freight motor 653.....Early West Railways In, at Puddingstone State Park near Pomona has engines 1 (2-8-0), 6 (4-6-0), and 12 (2-8-0) from Coahuila y Zacatecas. (Museum items from Western RRer & Observation Car)