BECAUSE THE REGULAR MEETING DATE FELL ON EASTER SUNDAY the date for the April meeting was changed to the fourth Sunday; April 25. And because the regular meeting place is not avail able on the fourth Sunday please note the meeting will be held in PSRMA's recently acquired office, Mark your calendar. The April meeting is set for Sunday, April 25, 7:30 p.m., in Room 5 upstairs in the San Diego Santa Fe station.

AN INTERESTING PROGRAM AWAITS YOU. PSRMA is making news. At the meeting you'll hear all about the latest happenings and about plans for the future. The business meeting will be brief, however. Expect also to see a 1928 film of steam and snow on the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific. See the Chicago railroad exhibit. See also more recent scenes from the Burney Gold Spike special, the Santa Cruz Big Trees train and the Piute Express. The films are courtesy of Al Horner of Capitola. Al was down recently to see members Tom Sefton and the editor. He left the films for us to see.

YES. PSRMA DOES HAVE AN OFFICE and it will be open for business on June 1. On that date Wally Duthie will begin sponsoring excursions under contract with PSRMA as well as continuing to help us with our regular excursions. The office although not officially open until that date is ours now and will be used as needed. It's in Room 5 at the San Diego Santa Fe station. Go upstairs and turn right. (The RHSofSD meeting room is on the left.) A phone will be installed when Wally moves in.

ITEMS CONSIDERED AT THE LAST BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING INCLUDED THE FOLLOWINGS 1. The contract between PSRMA and Wally Duthie tours was be drawn up by an attorney; 2. Income tax report was prepared and filed by Charles Gerdes; 3. Progress is being made on the preparation of the tax exemption forms; 4. The museum will purchase an Elliott addressing machine; and 4. A PSRMA add will be included in the yellow pages of the next telephone directory.

BUSINESS DISCUSSED AT THE MARCH MEETING INCLUDED: 1. The treasurer reported a balance of $909.54, bills of $144.70, and dues receipts of $42; 2. Eric Sanders notified the president that he had written a letter of thanks for the purchase of the wig wag as scrap from the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railway Company and that he had written letters to the two local railroads in regard to the acquisition of rail; 3. Dwight Couch, president of RHSofSD and member of PSRMA, inquired about members interest in manning RHSofSD's street car 528 at the San Diego County Fair. The matter was taken under advisement; 4. The PSRMA office will be open for business on June 1; 5. The April general meeting would be April 25.

PSRMA MEMBERS ASSIST AT THE O.E.T. MUSEUM. Bill Wootton and Vic Koenigsberg planted some shrubbery at the museum.....Members of PSRMA who traveled to Perris on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the museum included George Geyer, Terry Durkin, Gary Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Carlisle, Bill Wootton, Vic Koenigsberg, Dwight Couch and a friend. Next PSRMA member visitation to O.E.T. is scheduled tentatively for June 6.

TWO EXCURSIONS ARE 'COMIN' UP" - AND ONE NEXT SUNDAY. Wally Duthie of Roaming Tours will run an excursion May 31 on the Ferrocarril Sonora-Baja California, If you haven't see the three crosses, the petrified wood and the town of Puerto Penasco, then you will want to ride this special train. Pacific Greyhound buses will provide transportation on the San Diego-Mexicali portion of the trip. If you plan to sign up, you will need detailed information available in the Roaming Tours brochure. The train will leave Mexicali at 8 a.m. and will return at 6 p.m. A brief layover is planned at Puerto Penasco. Train will operate right into the town..... PSRMA plans an October 24 trip on the Union Pacific to Calico Ghost town. It's early yet so merely mark your calendar and plan to go along.....RHSofSD has scheduled a trip this coming Sunday, April 25, to the Palm Springs Tramway. Reservations are mandatory. Call Corky Thomson if you want to sign up. That's this Sunday. You'll be back in time to attend the PSRMA meeting. But go along. The trip is worth your patronage.